Luliconazole Cream

Brand Name: Luliboon
Manufactured by: Mediboon Pharma

Luliconazole is used to treat tinea pedis (athlete’s foot; fungal infection of the skin on the feet and between the toes), tinea cruris (jock itch; fungal infection of the skin in the groin or buttocks), and tinea corporis (ringworm; fungal skin infection that causes a red scaly rash on different parts of the body).

Breastfeeding a baby while using this medication may not be a good idea. Consult your physician to learn about any possible dangers. Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from using luliconazole topical.

Luliboon is used to treat a variety of fungal skin diseases, including athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm (candidiasis).

As a result of clinical tests, researchers believe this medication has antifungal action on par with or even better than terbinafine for treating dermatophytosis patients. Even short-term usage (one week for tinea corporis/cruris and two weeks for tinea pedis) of luliconazole 1 percent cream is beneficial.

The imidazole moiety is integrated into the ketene dithioacetate structure, making luconazole a one-of-a-kind antifungal agent. Luliconazole is the R-enantiomer of lanoconazole, a racemic combination that is more powerful than the former in combating fungal growth.

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Luliconazole is used to treat tinea pedis (athlete’s foot; a fungal infection of the skin on the soles of the feet and between the toes), tinea cruris (jock itch; a fungal infection of the skin in the groin or buttocks), and tinea corporis (a fungal infection of the skin on the back of the knee) (ringworm; fungal skin infection that causes a red scaly rash on different parts of the body). Luliconazole is an antifungal drug that belongs to a family of pharmaceuticals known as azoles. It acts by inhibiting the development of fungi that are responsible for the infection.

How should Luliconazole Cream be used?

Luliconazole is a topical cream. To cure jock itch and ringworm, use once daily for a week. Athlete’s foot is treated with luliconazole once a day for 2 weeks. Follow your prescription’s instructions carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to clarify anything you don’t get. Follow the label’s instructions. Do not use more or less than your doctor prescribes.
  • Apply enough lotion to cover the afflicted region and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of surrounding skin. After administering the medicine, you should thoroughly wash your hands.
  • At the start of therapy, your symptoms should improve. Even if you feel better, continue to use luliconazole cream. If you stop taking luliconazole cream prematurely, your infection may not be fully resolved and your symptoms may recur.
  • Luliconazole cream should be used externally only. Avoid getting luliconazole in your eyes, nose, or mouth, and avoid swallowing it. Use luliconazole cream sparingly in the vaginal region.
  • Request a copy of the manufacturer’s patient information from your pharmacist or doctor.

Luliconazole Cream

What special precautions should you follow while using Luliconazole Cream?

  1. Tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to luliconazole, any other medicines, or any luliconazole components. Ask your pharmacist for a list of the substances found in the medicine.
  2. You should let your doctor and pharmacist know about all of the prescription and nonprescription drugs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal items that you are using.
  3. Inform your doctor if you’ve ever been diagnosed with a medical problem.
  4. Be sure to notify your doctor if you are pregnant, are trying to conceive, or are nursing. You should notify your doctor if you become pregnant while using luliconazole.

Side effects of Luliconazole Cream

Other adverse effects of the drug Luliconazole cream include irritation, itching, and stinging in the area where it was administered. When using this medicine, contact your doctor if you have any odd side effects or symptoms.

  • This medicine should not be applied to the eyes, mouth, or vaginal area.
  • To receive the maximum effect from this medicine, it should be used on a regular basis. Use it at the same time every day to make it easier to remember.
  • Even if your symptoms diminish after a few days, you should continue to take this medicine until the entire prescribed dose has been consumed. If you stop taking your medicine too soon, you may experience a relapse of the infection.
  • Inform your doctor if your illness persists or deteriorates further.

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