Anuj Kathpalia

Director & CEO of Mediboon Pharma PVT LTD.

From the Desk of Mediboon Pharma

As a MD of the mid sized pharmaceutical venture, It is my duty to run the company in a way that becomes competitive, creative and resourceful and constantly adapt itself according to the changing environment and market conditions.

In order to provide maximum output.We make sure to hire, train and conserve highly – skilled professional who are completely dedicated to the work. The environment in which our employees work is highly motivating, innovative and supportive. We offer them the great opportunities to work,grow and excel with their full potential.

Anuj Kathpalia​ on Healthcare Business

While running healthcare business, It is our prime responsibility to reduce human suffering and provide maximum benefit. In order to make this possible we make sure that every product we produce is of high quality and efficacy, totally safe and economical when comes to the cost.

Quality is our topmost priority and vision. we have inculticated it in evert part of our organizational culture. Our products are highly distinguishable in features and we achieve it through various ways such as;

  • Detailed specification of each product
  • Well planned product specimen
  • Using best of resources
  • Ethical manufacturing practices
  • Well maintained quality check and management system which ensures the adhering best of quality practices according to manufacturing norms.

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