Cefixime, Azithromycin & Lactic Acid Bacilus

Brand Name: Cefiboon – AZ

Manufactured by: Mediboon Pharma

A trivalent antibiotic comprised of Cefixime, Azithromycin, and Lactobacillus. Cefixime is an antibiotic that prevents bacteria from developing a protective coating that helps them survive in the human body.



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Cefixime + Azithromycin + Lactobacillus is a trivalent antibiotic composed of Cefixime, Azithromycin, and Lactobacillus. Cefixime is an antibiotic that acts by inhibiting the development of the protective coating on bacteria that is necessary for their survival in the human body.

Azithromycin is another antibiotic that inhibits bacterial growth by interfering with the production of key proteins necessary for bacteria to operate properly. They work together to successfully eliminate your illness. Lactobacillus is a living microorganism that helps restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut after antibiotic usage or illness.

Can I stop taking Cefixime+Azithromycin+Lactobacillus when I feel better?

No, you should not discontinue taking Cefixime+Azithromycin+Lactobacillus and should finish the entire course of treatment even if you feel better. It is possible that your symptoms will improve before the illness is entirely resolved.

Q. What if I miss my dose?

As soon as you recall, take Cefixime+Azithromycin+Lactobacillus. However, do not take it if your next dosage is approaching. Additionally, do not take an additional dose to compensate for a missing dose.

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Cefixime, Azithromycin & Lactic Acid Bacilus

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